Swaddling – The Benefits

Swaddling is something of a question for the newer moms and dads – should it be done? Many new parents shake their head vehemently when asked the question: to them, it can restrict the movements of the baby, the baby may not like it, it can be unsafe… the list goes on. However, the truth is that swaddling has many benefits, some of which are:

Less risk of SIDS – the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is shocking, and any parent would be glad to reduce the risk of it happening somehow. Well, swaddling can help this. Whether it is with ordinary cloth or special swaddles bought from baby shops online, all swaddles generally prevent the baby from turning onto its tummy – it is this sleeping position that is the riskiest. Swaddled babies tend to remain sleeping on their back; despite this point, however, you should nonetheless keep a constant watch on a swaddled baby – if they tend to learn to turn onto their tummy even when swaddled (can start when they reach two or three months of age), it is high time you stopped swaddling them.

Helps the baby sleep better – both the normal swaddle and swaddles such as the Love To Dream baby swaddle have been shown to let the baby sleep longer and more peacefully. This is because the baby will not attempt any random movements that may startle him or her awake – it is not unusual for swaddled babies to get a full night’s rest peacefully! If you think about it, it can be a great advantage even for mom and dad (after all, how many nights did you sleep fully after you had a baby?).

Neuromuscular development – many parents dislike swaddles because the cloth seemingly restricts movement. The truth is that any movements an infant makes whilst asleep are unintentional, random, reflex movements. These by no means help them better their motor skills. Studies have shown that instead, a swaddle can help a newborn better their motor skills.

Less crying – and to conclude, a swaddled baby is more easily soothed and less prone to crying. It is believed that this is because a swaddle resembles the comfort and warmth of the womb – the baby is immediately pacified and at ease whilst within the swaddle. You will find that your baby will cry less and less once you start swaddling them!

Therefore, what else are you waiting for? You won’t have much time to swaddle your baby anyway, so let them enjoy a peaceful sleep within a swaddle for these couple of months! Make sure, however, to learn to swaddle them the proper way.